Hand Written Note

A personalized hand written note just like this one is enclosed with your baby hand written noteblanket. This will give it a great feeling and the recipients will be very happy. It is a great way of saying thanks. Just put what you would like on the order form and we will fill it out and send it on for you. This is a beautiful touch that separates our company from the rest.

We will send you an email, letting you know your blanket has been sent, and the happy parents will have years of enjoyment.  Our goal is to make this as easy as possible.

What a nice gift!!  You will be happy with your choice, and you can use this for every new baby for quite some time.  All of our friends eagerly look forward to their personalized baby blanket.

A number of our customers use us every time one of their friends or children have a child.  They like the ease and convenience of sending a quality product.  Plus –  We are nice people to work with.  Seriously.

If you have any questions, you can email us at bob@messageonablanket.com, call us at 919-961-3132 or click on the live chat button below.

This concept with the personalization came out of our frustration in wanting a great baby gift idea, that can be used over and over yet is from the heart. This is our baby blanket product history.  Your gift will be one of the favorites.

Have a question?  Just click on the chat button below and ask us right now?